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2024 Tri-FestEntertainment

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See Franklin Cardwell Band on the Main Stage Friday at 5:00 PM!

See The Velvet Bombers on the Main Stage Friday 7:45 PM

Climb into the Velvet Bombers' brand new Airmobile and put the top down. You can sit back and enjoy the ride in fine upholstered comfort or get up and move around if so inclined. There's plenty of legroom and the radio picks up signals from Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, Liverpool, Philadelphia and Nashville. It's about a four-hour drive, but the music makes it feel like a spin on the loop. Who or what you'll see along the way is anybody's guess, but you will enjoy the trip.

See Soul N The Pocket on the Main Stage Saturday 05:00 PM

Soul, Motown, R&B, Blues, Pop hits, old and new

See Haley on the Main Stage Saturday at 7:30 PM!

Kentucky native Hayley Payne has had music in her blood for as long as she can
remember. While she began her musical journey participating in the local community
theater and playing piano, there was one genre in particular that tugged on her

heartstrings the most – country music.

See Refugees-Clay Whitmore on the Main Stage Sunday at 1:30 PM!

See GC Vincent on the Main Stage Saturday 3:00 PM

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